Your Heart is So Big

by Gillian Jaeger

23 March 2019
2:00 pm

at Books A Million Bookstore,
21100 Dulles Town Center, Sterling, VA 20166

After being abandoned, a loving and clever dog named Shane is rescued by a stranger who worked successfully with others to find the dog a new home. This is a heart-warming story about love, loyalty, compassion, kindness, teamwork, and giving back to those in need.

Extensive research shows that children’s literature does not reflect our population. This book exposes children to the rich diversity in their lives today and the good things that can be accomplished when we work together. Adults looking for a book with a message of teaching children kindness, working together to help others, and to give back to your community will be sure to connect with this heart-warming tale.

The characters in this book come together and demonstrate the wonderful values we strive to develop in our children. The illustrations are vibrant and eye-catching for young readers between the ages of 3 – 9 years old.

All children deserve exposure to a wide range of books, which include characters who are both similar and different from themselves. This type of exposure can only help to prepare children to thrive in our increasingly diverse population. My pediatric patients were inspired by the characters and the message in this book.

Jan Smith

BSc Hons, Specialist, Children and Young Peoples Occupational Therapist Dumfries & Galloway, Southwest Scotland

Parents and educators have a responsibility to expose students to diversity through a well-written selection of multifaceted children’s literature that reflect the diverse conditions of the world. As an elementary school teacher what I can tell you is that children across the world need more books like this one that mirror our population. I teach at an international school and my students loved the book!!

Nicole Edwards Jaeger

Aldie, Virginia, USA